Welcome Home Fren!

Tezos Pepe DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization on the Tezos blockchain for community-driven governance, decision-making, and funding. Its innovative approach empowers members to shape the ecosystem, fostering collaboration and innovation in the Tezos community.

Building Utility


Our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a legal structure that has no central governing body and whose members share a common goal to act in the best interest of the entity.

The Game

Call of Pepe: Modern Memefare is a

Play2Earn NFT-Game on the Tezos Blockchain. Mint, Upgrade and Level-Up Pepe Characters.

Send them to the Arena to earn XP & $PEPE

The Marketplace

pepe et nunc - An NFT platform powered by $PEPE. Users can buy and sell NFTs using $PEPE and other coins.
1% of each sale is sent to the DAO treasury

Pepe Raffle

Do you feel lucky punk?
Utilize your $PEPE in a fun space to create or enter NFT Raffles and open mystery boxes.

The Casino

Bring your $PEPE to Las Vegas in a refined Casino crafted by Tezos Cartel and backed by the reputable Genius Contracts crew.

Pepe Pot

A lottery game where users bet $PEPE to win a pot of $PEPE. On each bet, 20% of your $PEPE is burned. 40% is added to the pot and 40% goes to house reserves. Good Luck!